Fingerstyle guitar is like a little orchestra. Bruce will teach you fingerstyle guitar in a step by step process. You can also learn to add fingerstyle guitar to your singing voice. Choose any genre; blues, country, folk, or jazz.

Skype lessons

Skype lessons are easy. Simply download the latest version of Skype and then Bruce and the Student can see and hear each other from anywhere in the world. The advantages of skype lessons are:

  • Convenience – No travelling time
  • Flexible lesson times
  • Lessons can be recorded for later use
  • Sharper focus, less distractions
  • No geographic or bad weather to contend with

Lesson costs are straightforward:

  • One on one Skype lessons – one hour instruction – $50 US
  • Forty minute instruction – $35 US

Method of payment: Paypal

Lesson Duration

Bruce and Gabrielle Gorchitza

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